Geometry Dash Robitopi Topalapos

Geometry Dash Robitopi Topalapos is a challenging arcade game based on a level from the Geometry Dash series. With simple controls but difficult gameplay, it is best suited for those who want to push their skills to the limit as they narrowly try to dodge all sorts of obstacles! Keep on trying and see if you have what it takes to complete the game!

Geometry Dash Robitopi Topalapos is a Harder level with a rating of seven stars—making it a formidable level even for the long-term players of Geometry Dash! In addition, throughout the level, players will need to take control of different forms of the cube character, such as the robot form, whose jumping height depends on how long they hold the button! Collect all three secret coins and show off your skills as a proficient player!

How To Play

Use one of these buttons to make the cube jump:

  • Left mouse button
  • Spacebar
  • Up arrow key
  • W key

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