Geometry Dash

Experience the latest game in the Geometry Dash adventure series with the rhythm-based version, Geometry Lite. Explore the new matrix and become an expert!

What is Geometry Lite?

Geometry Dash is an adventure game in which players control a main object to overcome obstacles on the way to the finish line.

By controlling your cube, immerse yourself in the geometric scenes and vibrant music of Geometry Lite, an engaging, fan-made cube surfing adventure. In this latest simulation, our goal is to capture the addictive essence of Geometry Dash to create vibrant new experiences on your computer. Prepare for epic challenges ranging from difficult to nearly impossible as you guide your geometry through countless obstacles.

Origin of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a series of five video games developed by Robert Topala and first released on mobile devices in August 2013 by his company, Sweden-based RobTop Games. The game quickly became popular as a fast-paced, difficult platformer focused on avoiding obstacles to background music. The main game, Geometry Dash, is a rhythm-based platform game that currently has 21 official levels and has over 40 million online levels made by enthusiasts.

In particular, up to now, all 21 official levels have been released in the main game version on mobile, which is for creating and sharing levels. The game continues to be updated with new features and challenges, maintaining its popularity as a test of timing and reflexes with a catchy soundtrack.

The unique feature

Choose the character and levels

Players can customize the appearance of the main entity by choosing a variety of interfaces and colors. Besides, the levels in the game also depend on the player's preferences.

Infinite practice mode

Geometry Dash has a practice mode that helps gamers get familiar with the game and terrain in each level because it has the same matrix and obstacles as the main game. However, practice mode allows players to create reset points anywhere, so you will continue without returning to the starting line when colliding with a barrier.

Play repeatedly

Besides being a way to get acquainted with practice mode, players can immediately join the main game an unlimited number of times. The only difference here with the practice mode is that the player will have to return to the starting line to start over from the beginning when colliding with an obstacle.

The rhythm of the background music

With epic rhythms that propel players forward through each escalating action of the background music, Geometry Dash makes racing more thrilling than ever.

The difference between Geometry Dash and Geometry Lite

Geometry Dash has many versions and games with similar designs. Typical among them is Geometry Lite, the version considered most similar to the main game. So, what's the difference between these two game versions?

With Geometry Dash, players will experience 21 levels, while in Geometry Lite, there are only ten. Players can track the difficulty level depending on the number of stars in the upper right corner of each level. This is the biggest difference between these two game versions.

In both versions of this series, gamers can play from level one to level ten. However, if you want to challenge your ability on all 21 levels, you have to pay for the main Geometry Dash version.

How to make your geometry jump?

Although Geometry Dash is a difficult game, it offers simple gameplay that allows new players to get used to the controls quickly. Objects in this game have two main operating states: the normal state and the moving state with support vehicles.

In the normal state, the player controls the main block by:

  • Press the SPACE key to jump up.
  • Or hold down the SPACE key to jump multiple times at the same time.

In the state with support vehicles, the player uses the arrow keys to control the entity:

  • UP arrow: drive the car up
  • DOWN arrow: drive down

Remember to be careful with everything on the road; one wrong control will send your object back to the starting line. However, players can try the round in practice mode to get a feel for the gameplay.

Tips and tricks

  • Don't pay too much attention to the secret coins if you're struggling with the main formations.
  • Turn off the music if it distracts you, although the background music is stunning.
  • Take advantage of the practice mode to know the match position for the main round.
  • Do not play continuously for long periods of time. Game effects may cause eye strain and dizziness.

Available Dash game versions on our platform

The Geometry Dash series includes a variety of must-play versions. Our website has some games from this series:

Geometry Dash Lite

This is a free version with more limited levels and is most similar to the main game. The difference is that in this game, players will only be able to participate in 15 levels with the same terrain and obstacles as in the main game.

Geometry Dash World

This session is a game consisting of two different worlds with five levels. This game provides players with many different features, such as new shops, new rewards, and performing daily tasks to upgrade prizes.

Geometry Dash SubZero

This exciting version of the Geometry Dash series brings with it the uniqueness of fun rhythms. Players will experience three levels with different background music, which creates excitement and drama in each round. In particular, your object will also move according to the rhythm of these songs. What a unique feature from any other game!

Geometry Dash Meltdown

This is the latest version in the Geometry Dash game series. There are hundreds of newly updated skins that increase the variety and extreme difficulty of the game. This version includes three modes: Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. After completing each round, players will also be awarded a corresponding title as a way to celebrate their achievements.

So, is Geometry Dash unblocked?

On our game platform, the newest updated versions can be experienced for free. Therefore, these games are the Geometry Dash unblocked versions, allowing fans to enjoy the games more fully and conveniently.

Geometry Dash: User Levels

Players use the level editor to create user levels for Geometry Dash, which are unofficial versions. These levels can be different versions of the game in terms of difficulty and quality, so they also have different ratings.

Featuring player levels, depending on the difficulty and quality of the product, levels have the ability to receive rates. There are three types of ratings: stars, features, and epic.

Besides, Geometry Dash includes seven main levels: auto, easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon (demon includes five levels of increasing difficulty). The number of stars each level has when rated indicates how challenging it is.

Special studio with Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash also has a separate collection with Scratch in addition to the developer's official game. It includes adaptations of user-generated levels. On the website, some of Geometry Dash's most famous Scratchers include griffpatch, CrystalKeeper7, and iPhone_ATT_TWC115. They are known for creating incredible and almost unbelievable game levels using the Scratch Level Editor.

Here, we offer a set of charismatic simulation levels from these Scratchers, along with the most attractive aspects of the Geometry Dash series. This collection is a treat for rhythm game fans who want to try the genre on the computer.

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Challenge your control, speed, and ability to handle situations quickly to complete exciting adventures. Fantasy entities and matrices are waiting for you to explore and conquer.

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