Geometry Dash Opthalmoscope

In Geometry Dash Opthalmoscope, players begin as they navigate the jumping yellow cube through a series of obstacles. As simple as that may sound, it is no easy task to progress in the game since the obstacles are placed in a way that allows almost no room for error! Challenge your reflexes and muscle memories, and give it all you have to complete the game!

Geometry Dash Opthalmoscope is an Epic Easy Demon level with a rating of 10 stars, meaning that it can be extremely challenging for even the best Geometry Dash players! Your job is to navigate the character and decide when to jump, so no harm comes to him. Be prepared to take control of many forms of the character, each with its own gimmicks! Find the elusive secret coin of the game for 100% completion!

How To Play

Players can take control of the character by pressing either the left mouse button or the spacebar.

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