Suika Game

If you love addictive and satisfactory puzzle games, don’t miss out on Suika Game! The game begins with players having a piece of fruit on their screen, and their first mission is to drop it to the bottom of the screen. More fruits will appear after each drop, and once the same fruits touch one another, they will merge into bigger ones! Keep on merging fruits until you reach the watermelon before the screen is crowded with all kinds of fruit!

Suika Game is a highly engaging puzzle game with simple controls. While all players need to do is drop fruits into those with similar appearances, to progress far, they will need to think of their own strategy, making the game much more challenging and enjoyable. Try your best to achieve the highest score possible with Suika Game!

How To Play

  • To aim in the falling direction, click and hold the left mouse button.
  • Release it to make the fruit fall down.

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