Geometry Dash Cohesion

Can’t get enough of hopping past obstacles? Give Geometry Dash Cohesion a try and see if you have what it takes to complete the game in less than 10 attempts! Just like any other Geometry Dash game, the goal is for players to help the cube character get past all sorts of obstacles and reach the end of the level unscathed!

Geometry Dash Cohesion is a Harder level with a rating of six stars. As such, the game provides a moderate level of difficulty for those who want to hone their skills further to conquer the Demon levels! The game features fast-paced gameplay that is riddled with unexpected obstacles; one mishap and players will have to start the game from the beginning! Challenge your skills even further and collect all the secret coins in Geometry Dash Cohesion!

How To Play

To make the character jump or go up, players can use either of these buttons:

  • Left mouse button
  • Spacebar
  • Up arrow key
  • W key

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