Geometry Dash Supreme

Prepare for a series of unexpected challenges with Geometry Dash Supreme! In this game, players will be put into the first levels of the Geometry Dash series, except that they have all been remade to make the obstacle courses much more challenging! Do you have what it takes to get past a series of dangerous obstacles safely and reach the end of each level?

Geometry Dash Supreme is a Scratch game created by CrystalKeeper7. Based on the popular Geometry Dash series, the game features similar controls but offers three brand new levels designed by the author of the game! Players begin by choosing one of the three levels: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, or Polargeist, all of which have been sorted in increasing difficulty. Discover all the secret coins in each level and try your best to dodge all the obstacles flawlessly!

How To Play

Make the character jump with the left mouse button or the spacebar.


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