Geometry Dash Cadenza

If you are looking for a game that is both thrilling and extremely challenging, give Geometry Dash Cadenza a try! Just like in other Geometry Dash games, all players have to do is make the square character hop up and down in order to lead him past a series of dangerous obstacles, such as spikes and walls!

Geometry Dash Cadenza is a level that is rated as Hard (5 stars). The original version was created by ViPriN, a well-known player and level creator in the community. The Scratch version is made by iPhone_ATT_TWC115, who keeps all the engaging aspects of the original version, giving players plenty of challenges as they try to reach the end of the level! Navigate the character carefully, make use of his jumping, and try your best to reach the end of Geometry Dash Cadenza with the fewest attempts possible!

How To Play

To make the character jump, press the spacebar or click the left mouse button.

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