No Internet Game

Begin your journey with a cute pixelated T-Rex with No Internet Game! Take control of the dinosaur as he embarks on an endless adventure past the vast desert full of unexpected obstacles. Keep on running on the road for as long as possible, even after countless days and nights!

No Internet Game is a highly addictive endless runner game that originates as an Easter egg for a web browser. The objective of this game is to keep the T-Rex running on the road for as long as possible, which is no easy task at all. The road ahead is full of flying pterodactyls and prickly cacti, and bumping into them will be quite painful! In addition, as players continue to advance forward, the running speed of the dinosaur will increase, making it quite challenging to dodge everything! What is your best score?

How To Play

Use the up and down arrow keys to control the T-Rex.

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