Geometry Dash Fortitude

Put your maneuvering skills to the test with Geometry Dash Fortitude! In this game, it is up to you to take the square character through a series of tricky obstacles in order to reach the end of the level! Get ready to take control of various forms of the character, including the ship form!

Geometry Dash Fortitude is an Epic Harder level with a rating of seven stars. In addition, players can discover three secret coins scattered around the place, but they are often in places that are hard to reach. Players begin by leading the character through the obstacle course, which is riddled with items and spikes. To make things more difficult, the obstacles are placed extremely close to one another, making it harder and harder to reach the end of the game!

How To Play

Control the square with one of the buttons listed below:

  • Up arrow key
  • W key
  • Spacebar
  • Left mouse button

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