Doodle Baseball

In Doodle Baseball, players have the chance to lead a team full of snack-approved baseball players to show off their ball-hitting skills! Thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay, the game has become one of the most popular Doodle games! Try out the game and see if you can reach the highest score possible!

Doodle Baseball is made as a way to celebrate the USA’s Independence Day in 2019. As such, the game features many America-favorite elements, including baseball, the sport beloved by numerous Americans, and a wide variety of food to snack on as the baseball players. In fact, their names are also inspired by the food, such as The Cobbra and H-Dog! Players begin by instructing the players on when to swing the bat, but they should also look at the pitcher’s hat color since it indicates which kind of ball he is going to throw!

How To Play

Click on the button for the players to swing the bat.


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