Geometry Dash Juiced Up

Geometry Dash Juiced Up puts players in the role of a small square who is only capable of hopping. However, that’s really all you need in order to progress in the game! Using his masterful jumping skills, your role is to find the right timing so he can dodge any kind of obstacle flawlessly with his jumping! How many attempts will it take for you to reach the end of the game?

Geometry Dash Juiced Up is a highly enjoyable arcade game that draws inspiration from the Geometry Dash series. In this game, the character can take on many forms, such as the robot and ball forms, each with its own controls and gimmicks! As such, players can expect to be on their toes at all times and react quickly to any incoming obstacles!

How To Play

The character will jump whenever you press one of these four buttons: the left mouse button, spacebar, up arrow key, and W key.

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