Zombie Road

Zombie Road allows you to drive for free. You can't stop the zombie apocalypse from happening. The only way to escape is to flee the area. Smash through the mobs of zombies trying to block your route and prevent anyone from fleeing. However, be careful! This is not just a battle against zombies; it's also a fight for space along the broad road with your fellow humans. You heard it right. The apocalypse was here and there are no other options. Your neighbors are just the same as you, and are just as desperate to leave town. They're also just as braindead.

Watch out for cars that might cut you off, or even intentionally chare onto you. Your only chance to survive is to outmaneuver other cars and crash through the undead. Do you think you have what it takes? This is your chance prove your value. In a thrilling new race gorefest, take to the roads. In your quest for a better society, you will need to dodge cars and zombies. Zombie Road allows you to race and dodge zombies while you fight against them.

How To Play

How To Play

On mobile use your finger to steer the car either left or right. On desktop use the Left or Right arrow keys to control the car. Get to know the tracking and response rate of your car. Save points to upgrade, and watch out for Stars - they actually minus from your core. Also, beware of the fellow humans who will swerve to hit you head-on.

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