You Hit Me!

You Hit Me! is a game where you have to travel to another world and embark on an amazing adventure with your friends. The game's first activities will require fewer characters. You will be challenged as you progress, and you will learn how to ruin your friends in an even more devious way. You can choose which character to play and how you manage it. This will allow you to resolve all crises and help one character reach the blue portals. Switch between characters by using the arrow keys. The K key will jump, and the J key will attack with the character's unique power. Six chapters are made up of tens of levels. For better and more enjoyable gaming, keep an eye on the skins, awards, and perks that you earn by completing levels.

How To Play 

Click on the space key to change the current character, use the arrow keys to move, the K key to jump, and the J key to attack with the special power of each character.

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