Ultimate Flying Car

Ultimate Flying Car
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    Coming to the Ultimate Flying Car, you can make the most of both worlds. Get in the car and see what you can find. You have a car from the future, and when the sun goes down you can enjoy how beautiful it is. You can choose between two main modes. In Free Ride mode, you can go anywhere you want and enjoy your flying car. You can choose racing mode if you want to test your speed. Choose "1 Player Mode" to race against three computer-controlled cars. You can also race against a friend on the same computer by choosing 2 player mode. With each race that you win, you can earn money and use that money to buy new cars. There are 15 speed levels just for fun. So get ready for your unique car to help you win.

    How To Play

    You can use the WASD in Player 1 and the arrow keys in Player 2 keys to drive the car. Use the shift key in Player 1 and the M key in Player 2 for nitro speed. Fix the car’s position with the R key in Player 1 and the U key in Player 2.

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