Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Police Real Chase Car Simulation is an amazing simulation game that transports you into the city's streets. As you travel around the city streets, you'll be able to see your police car. Drive around and get on board. The following chores are required to begin. Each assignment will be ready for your attention. It is common to work against the clock in order to accomplish objectives such as protecting animals or apprehending criminals. Your duties should be started and you should try to do them all before the time runs out. Keep an eye on your fuel usage and make sure you're getting as much mileage out of it as possible between each job. Use the money you earn from each mission to unlock new and better cars.

How To Play

  • You can use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to drive the car or walk around.
  • Use the F key to enter/exit the car. Press the I key to check the shortcuts, the H key to use the siren, and the R key to reset the game.

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