Hyper Racing Madness

Hyper Racing Madness

Welcome to the Hyper Racing Madness game! As "The Driver," you begin on a trip in which you go behind the wheel of sports cars from a range of famous manufacturers, ranging from inexpensive subcompacts like the Dodge Challenger to extravagant supercars like the Lamborghini Hurricane. In a 3D environment, the player races against artificial intelligence-controlled automobiles with the objective of winning the race and earning three stars for the level. As the game continues, the player has access to a range of different vehicles, stages, locales, and racing forms. In Hyper Racing Madness, users may compete against a buddy in 2-player mode or in a 1-player quick race.

How To Play 

Player 1: Direction Keys -  Arrow keys; Enter - Reset position; Esc - Pause Race
Player 2: Direction Keys - W,A,S,D; Tab - Reset position; Esc - Pause Race 
Classic: Cross the finish line first to win.
Escape: Finish the laps before the timer runs out.
Survival: Don't came last when the timer runs out .
Infection: Infected cars have temporary engine boost .
Special: Mix of escape and survival modes.



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