Halloween Wheelie Bike

Halloween Wheelie Bike
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    In Halloween Wheelie Bike, it is time to show off your amazing cycling skills but this time around you are a spooky character! Grab your helmet and join your bicycle. We're about to begin an eventful journey. Just how long can you hold the wheelie? If you're up for the challenge, let’s jump into the game!
    Riding a bicycle down the street on a lovely Saturday afternoon is peaceful and enjoyable, but why not let out your inner daredevil? With this game, your goal is to ride as far as you can while performing a wheelie. In true to life, this maneuver requires a lot of practice, but with the easy controls in our game, you are able to do it quickly. You can use your mouse to experience the game. To begin the overall game, go to the key menu and press the play button. Your character can move independently. To execute and keep maintaining a wheelie, all you need to do is go through the screen at specific times. Absorb your character's balance. If leading wheel commences to touch the bottom, click on the screen to lift it back to mid-air. If you overdo it, you'll fall flat on your back. When your front wheel reaches the bottom or you fall, the overall game has ended. As you go, you'll run into various obstacles, so maintain your eyes on the highway. Happy Halloween!

    How To Play:

    Use a mouse to play the game.

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