Geometry Dash v2.2 Cycles

Get ready for yet another adventure full of jumping with Geometry Dash v2.2 Cycles! In this game, players take control of a little square character as he strives to reach the end of the road by overcoming all sorts of obstacles along the way! How many attempts will it take for you to complete the game?

Geometry Dash v2.2 Cycles features simple controls but a moderate level of precision. Based on one of the levels from the original Geometry Dash games, CrystalKeeper7 made this game using the Scratch programming language. The level features different forms of the character, including the wave, ship, and UFO forms! Be quick with your hands and try to avoid all the obstacles along the way in order to arrive at the end of the level with Geometry Dash v2.2 Cycles!

How To Play

Press the spacebar or click the left mouse button to control the character.

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