Geometry Dash Red Sun

Geometry Dash Red Sun is a Hard Demon Level that was created by MrLee. To leap when it's required, all you have to do is click, and use the up and down arrow keys to control the cars. Make sure your music is playing and focus on having fun since the way you go through the levels is often timed to the rhythm of the music.

How To Play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] [ctrl] [shift] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings
  • Avoid the spikes
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high
  • Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal)
  • For bonus points, collect the coins
  • Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag)
  • Press B to toggle background (can also reduce lag)


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