Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying

Welcome to Geometry Dash The Nightmare! For the duration of the game, you only utilize one button. You play as a block that moves from left to right on the screen, and you use the keys to leap and combat obstacles. Because auto-blocking advances from left to right, the only thing you can control is when it leaps. These are basic, but the game is really challenging, since colliding with any barrier would quickly kill you. One incorrect leap results in death, and you must complete the level in one go from start to end. If you die, you have to start again. Fortunately, there is a mode execution option that enables you to customize the controls.

How To Play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] [ctrl] [shift] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings.
  • Avoid the spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high.
  • Hit a blue pad to jump higher. (Missing a gravity portal)
  • For bonus points, collect the coins.
  • Press L to toggle effects. (To reduce lag)
  • Press B to toggle background. (Can also reduce lag)
  • Cloud does work, but it only records 2 scores.

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