Egg Wars

Egg Wars will strengthen your shell and send it into combat. These eggs are made up of hardboiled, cold-blooded warriors who are armed with weapons or missiles. Join the fight to establish your worth in this egg world.

Participate in the egg-directed battle for eggs! No matter your egg type, you should be fighting for the victorious eggs. Grab your guns and get involved! You can unlock skins to make a humorous avatar. Next, you will be able to win PvP 5x5 battles and Battle Royale variations to move up the leaderboard. You can alter your player name and image before you enter the arena. Then, rejoin the conflict. Wait for enemies to enter your trap. Or, you can race across the battlefield and confuse them. Then shoot anything that gets in your path! Sharpen your senses. Backstabbers are everywhere. You should choose the best weapon for your fighting style and determine your build. For surprise prizes and more, stop by the main menu during matches.

How To Play

You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and your mouse to aim and shoot.

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