Cookies Must Die Online

This entertaining action game Cookies Must Die Online requires you to battle multiple enemies as well as complete various tasks. You can only be found alone high up in tall buildings, crossing huge gaps and facing many more challenges. Click left and drag your mouse over the side you want to travel. Then, release the left click. Your goal is to fly high above the coins while striking the cookies to destroy them all. It is best to avoid any contact with other adversaries such as the milkshake. This could cost you your life. After you reach the car at the end each level, your next level can be completed. Keep in mind that coins can be used to improve certain characteristics such magnets, rocket power, life counts, and protective shields. The money you collect can also be used for unlocking additional skins. This makes the game even more enjoyable!

How To Play 

Click left, drag your cursor to the side you want to move to, and release the left click to throw the character.

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