Color Road

Color Road will test your reflexes in an endless, colorful race! Roll down the platform and choose the same-colored balls. Then adjust to the changing circumstances! You can collect money to advance to the next level. This fast-paced color challenge will test your abilities!

This race will test your skills and show your reflexes. Be careful, once you get moving there is no stopping. As the ball accelerates, hold it and move it around. You must collect the same-colored balls to increase your score. You must avoid touching any other balls. Touching other colors will cause the game to stop and you must start over. Double points may be awarded to those who touch the striped balls. This is why it's worth paying attention to them. Be careful when running through tunnels. Change colors on ramps and continue running down. You can collect all the gold coins along your route, and you can use them to purchase new skins at the game store.

How To Play

Tap and hold to move.

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