Beaver Weaver

Beaver Weaver, a cross-stitching game that allows you to pick a color and start sewing it onto the canvas.

This art game begins with you choosing a small design as your instructional level. This will show you how the stitching works and also how to get the unique row stitch bonus and the stitch bomb bonus. You can now choose your own designs. They are arranged according the subject and their size. If you select a thread, the letter corresponds to the section that needs stitching in that particular color. These areas can be colored by crossing your fingers.

For each artwork you complete, you will be awarded coins. For each completed artwork, you will receive coins. Some goods will always be available for free, but others will require you to pay money.

How To Play


  • Use the MOUSE
  • Click to select a thread color
  • Click and drag over the marked squares to embroider


  • Hold your finger on the screen
  • Tap to select a thread color
  • Swipe over the marked squares to embroider

How To Play



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